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Why Kashan Machine made carpet?

Kashan machine-made carpets are among the most renowned in the global market. With its diverse production lines, Pamchal Carpet Company caters to a wide range of preferences. Guided by customer tastes and leveraging Iranian expertise and artistry, Pamchal Carpet Collection strives to deliver the highest quality machine-made carpets.

Kashan carpets embody a rich Iranian heritage. For centuries, weaving, fabric production, and carpet-making have been the cornerstones of the region’s economy. Silk and cotton fabrics (sheer) and carpets and ziloos (prayer rugs) from this area were once exported worldwide via the Silk Road.

Kashan machine-made carpets seamlessly blend traditional Iranian craftsmanship with modern technology. They represent a fusion of the creative minds of Iranian carpet designers and the perseverance of Kashan carpet manufacturers. The finesse and precision involved in the production of today’s machine-made carpets are such that distinguishing Kashan machine-made carpets from their handwoven counterparts is often a challenge.

Pamchal Nano Carpet represents the latest breakthrough in the machine-made carpet industry. Driven by a relentless pursuit of optimal solutions for creating functional and healthy products, Pamchal’s research and development team is committed to manufacturing carpets that surpass both national and international standards.

Pamchal Nano Carpet offers an extensive range of designs, encompassing the entire spectrum of 700-knot, 1000-knot, 1200-knot carpets, and prayer rugs. The possibilities for pattern customization are limitless. For instance, you can select a 700-knot carpet design from Pamchal and then request the same pattern with the added benefits of antibacterial and odor-resistant nano-technology. Pamchal Nano Carpet is also an ideal choice for children’s rooms.

Pamchal Central Carpet Exhibition

Soleyman Sabbahi Bidgoli industrial area, Aran va Bidgol, Kashan, Iran

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